Tuesday, November 3, 2009

2009 American Breeders Classic Race Results

Congrats to Dennis Martinen & Fred Stephens!

We sent 2 teams, a total of 6 birds. After training was complete, we had 604 & 608 going to the races; both 604 & 608 share the same father.

0604-AU09-PROP - "Strikes Twice" scored:
  • 1st @ 100 miles
  • =1st, 5th @ 200 miles
  • *Did not clock on the 300
Parents Pedigrees:

  • =1st, 4th @ 100 miles
  • =1st, 6th @ 200 miles
  • *Did not clock on the 300
Parents Pedigrees:

*There was an earthquake the day of the 300 mile race. There were no day birds and only 2 birds made it home the second day. If there was ever a race that made all the hard work I put into the birds feel meaningless, this was it. But hey, that's pigeon racing; you cannot control what nature throws at you the day of a race. I was excited to get an email from Bill letting us know that 0604-AU09-PROP - "Strikes Twice" had made it home the 3rd or 4th day. I will use him in the breeding loft this year, he is a super.

100/200 Result Screens & High Point Bird Summary:

2009 Winners Cup Race Results

Big CONGRATS to Antonio/Banzon ( for the stellar performance this year at the Cup!!!

I had 2 birds left on my 4 bird team, the better performer being 09-0602-PROP.

Sire is "Witpen 366" x "RAC-0560" from Bill Martin Van Hove Lines.

Parents Pedigrees:

09-0602-PROP scored:
  • 87th @ 150 miles
  • 27th @ 200 miles
  • =1st, 7th through the traps @ 350 miles (1 min, 29 seconds behind El Dorado's 1st to trap bird)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pigeon Supplies

I get emails asking what Pro Pigeon has in their supply closet and what if any medication program/routine we follow.

It's important to note that we currently fly ONLY at the one loft races. We chose to put all our focus and energy on the breeders; a career in marketing and a wedding around the corner, limit my time to race locally as well ;)

ProPigeon Medication Program

  • Test droppings every 2-3 months
  • Treat for what is present
  • Periodically (every 3-4 weeks), a preventative 3 day course of Miracle Life/Turbosole
Young Birds:
  • Test droppings every 2-3 weeks
  • Treat for what is present
  • Preventative respiratory treatment for 3-5 days every 3 weeks with Doxy-T
New Breeder Acquisitions/ One Loft Race Returners:
  • I don't chance it with any new additions
  • PMV/SalBac Vaccine
  • 7 days Amox
  • 5 days Miracle Life/ Turbosole
  • 7-10 day paratyphoid/ecoli
  • Wormer
  • Pro-bios in the water for lifetime of the bird
  • PrimaLac Pigeon W/S -Call them and ask for the informational packet (StarLabs)
  • Nutrivet Seed Booster for Pigeons - Australian Pigeon Company
  • Liquid Calcium and Vitamin D3 Supplement - Australian Pigeon Comapny
  • Fertibol Calcium (White, thick, goes on feed)
  • Calci-Mineral - (Siegel's or Foy's Pigeon Supply)
  • Purina 400 Trout Pellets (Breeders Only/During Breeding Season) -Thanks to Bill Hatcher!
***This is what we do/use and it works for us***
Let us know if you have any questions regarding any of the supplies mentioned above.

2009 Mercedes Classic Race Results

***5 of the 6 were lost in training, PROPIGEON.COM 619 made it through every race including the 400 mile. I brought him back and may test breed him in for club/combine races.

Update 11/03/09: We are down to 1 bird at the CBS races. I don't foresee a good showing in this race for us this year, back to the drawing board...

We have a team of 6 in Oklahoma City:

Racing Loft 1
612, 614, 618, 620, 619, 621 (red=lost)

612 - Import Keizer Janssen x a direct daughter of CBS's "VICTORY"
614, 618, 619 - "Witpen Hofkens 366" x Inbred Van Hove Hen (1739/Bill Martin)
620, 621 - "Brother NPO Winner '04" x Import Beverdam Hofken Hen #799

Looks like they will do the 100 mile inventory/trainer toss this weekend; I'm excited to see how they do.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Inventory at the one loft races thus far...

Well, we have 2 birds left at the Winners Cup race. They are PROPIGEON.COM 602 (Hofken x Van Hove) and IRSH 139, which I purchased from Irish Syndicate Loft in a kit to race at the Cup and ABC races this year. You can see the pedigree of IRSH 139 HERE. The other Irish Syndicate bird on this team was lost (Inbred SureBet).

The CBS race did an inventory on 8/28, you can see the video updates below in the CBS Posting. I still have my full team including the 2 back up birds.

The Triple Crown Classic started "Boot Camp" this week but we haven't had an inventory update yet. I know we lost PROPIGEON.COM 617 early off the loft, hopefully we still have 4 left before road training starts.
***UPDATE*** - the Triple crown just posted its first inventory (CLICK HERE), around 450 birds still in the loft. My PROPIGEON.COM 617 is on the inventory, so it must have found its way back. I'm happy to start with my 5 bird team, hopefully all 5 will be there come road work.

The American Breeders Classic begins training in a few weeks...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2009 Triple Crown Classic

This will be our first year at this event. Ron called and let me know we lost PROPIGEON.COM #617 early off the loft. I still have 4 supers (as far as I know) down from my very best; two of which are full brother/sister to my top 50 finishers in the race in '08.

You'll see a flyer by the name of Alvie Smith Jr. on the inventory list flying birds with PROPIGEON.COM bands. He's a good friend and ran out of bands late and I supplied a few. He tells me that PROPIGEON.COM 634 & 635 are down from breeders he acquired from me.

Click to see Ron's Message Board covering the 2009 race series.
This is one of the toughest competitions in One Loft Pigeon Racing!

2009 WinnersCup USA Updates

I would post the link to Bill's updates page, but the paths on his website are masked. I'll post the more relevant ones here for everyone to follow.


“Hello everyone;

the races will commence weather permitting October 1st. Initially we
called for entry monies to be sent in Sept. 1st. But here is how we wish to
extend that date for you to send monies in. We will initiate training September 1st and expect to go
daily down the road. We will post results online along with the live cam when we get
them out a ways. You will also see along with the returns from training, your birds
that are here and being trained. We will then ask you to send funds in to cover those birds
and have those funds here no later than September 20th. Checks are fine and so is c/card
via PayPal which I will initiate from my end. Just alert me that you wish to use the
c/card and I will request funds from you.

If you activate your bird based on the inventory given on September 15th
and your bird is missing by the first race, we will refund the entry money for the bird.
If you hesitate and
do not send in your funds by the 20th of September you will not receive a refund for any missing birds.

Remember that I have to sell off any unactivated birds to a 3rd party and need time to do this should someone not activate a team bird...

I have stretched the due date for money to give you enough time, more time, and to see how your birds are coming in from training.

Don’t forget that before the FIRST RACE, to send the money for TOP BREEDER and TOP pick bird which is 100.00 for each category.

It’s getting exciting now as we ramp up to race day beginnings. We will post all those who enter the Top bird and Top breeder fund as well as those who buy entries of birds that have not been activated. Let’s have a great series here and be sure to dial in the
camera for the races soon.

Questions anytime, but I do go to bed early so don’t call late at night remembering I am 2 hrs. ahead of you guys on the west coast!!

Thanks for your cooperation and support.

Bill Hatcher”

2009 MC Video Updates

Video Updates from Rick & Steve Mardis at the 2009 Mercedes Classic Race.
(updated as they post)

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I'm pretty excited about the new blog. I will be documenting my 2009 one loft race experience. It would've been nice to start this back in March, so I could have posted everything leading up to sending the youngsters off to the one loft pigeon races, but that'll have to wait until the following season.

Our breeders are currently going through the moult. The cocks are almost done and the hens are finishing up; mostly moulting down feathers at the moment. In my opinion, its important to give plenty of high protein feed, vitamins, minerals, fresh water daily with calcium supplement, and provide plenty of red, granite, and high calcium pigeon grit. This is the most important time of the year for your future/seasoned breeder stock.

One Loft Racer Tip: Do not neglect your breeders during the off season. A successful moult is the beggining to a profitable one loft race season. Put in the time now and you won't be sorry come October. -Reap what you sow!