Sunday, September 6, 2009

Inventory at the one loft races thus far...

Well, we have 2 birds left at the Winners Cup race. They are PROPIGEON.COM 602 (Hofken x Van Hove) and IRSH 139, which I purchased from Irish Syndicate Loft in a kit to race at the Cup and ABC races this year. You can see the pedigree of IRSH 139 HERE. The other Irish Syndicate bird on this team was lost (Inbred SureBet).

The CBS race did an inventory on 8/28, you can see the video updates below in the CBS Posting. I still have my full team including the 2 back up birds.

The Triple Crown Classic started "Boot Camp" this week but we haven't had an inventory update yet. I know we lost PROPIGEON.COM 617 early off the loft, hopefully we still have 4 left before road training starts.
***UPDATE*** - the Triple crown just posted its first inventory (CLICK HERE), around 450 birds still in the loft. My PROPIGEON.COM 617 is on the inventory, so it must have found its way back. I'm happy to start with my 5 bird team, hopefully all 5 will be there come road work.

The American Breeders Classic begins training in a few weeks...

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