Tuesday, November 3, 2009

2009 American Breeders Classic Race Results

Congrats to Dennis Martinen & Fred Stephens!

We sent 2 teams, a total of 6 birds. After training was complete, we had 604 & 608 going to the races; both 604 & 608 share the same father.

0604-AU09-PROP - "Strikes Twice" scored:
  • 1st @ 100 miles
  • =1st, 5th @ 200 miles
  • *Did not clock on the 300
Parents Pedigrees:

  • =1st, 4th @ 100 miles
  • =1st, 6th @ 200 miles
  • *Did not clock on the 300
Parents Pedigrees:

*There was an earthquake the day of the 300 mile race. There were no day birds and only 2 birds made it home the second day. If there was ever a race that made all the hard work I put into the birds feel meaningless, this was it. But hey, that's pigeon racing; you cannot control what nature throws at you the day of a race. I was excited to get an email from Bill letting us know that 0604-AU09-PROP - "Strikes Twice" had made it home the 3rd or 4th day. I will use him in the breeding loft this year, he is a super.

100/200 Result Screens & High Point Bird Summary:

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