Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010 Breeders Prep

The breeders received their PMV shot two weekends ago, we just finished the paratyphoid shots tonight. We have a total of 20 pairs this year and it took a little under an hour to do all 40 birds.

Next up we treat for canker (Ridzol-S), cocci (Miracle-Life), bac. w/ amox, respiratory (Doxy-t), & finish with a wormer. The lights are on 24/7 and we should be ready to pair up around Valentine's day.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Additions for 2010 Breeding

I purchased these 2 hens from Fraidoon Ali (Mazari Loft). Both were good flying hens and they are down from his foundation hen "Golden Lady".

Fraidoon was 1st Champion Loft 2008 old birds in the OCF club from 0-550 miles. He also won 1st average speed A old bird series 2008 in the West Course Combine. If that wasn't enough, he was 1st place loft of the year for consistent performance in earning the most points of all competing lofts from 150-600 miles in the A&B&C old bird series in 2007!

06 OCF 1464 Ped: -------------------------- 06 OCF 1369 Ped:

Greg McKnight Stock:
*05 OCF 1770 is the hen front and center in the last breeder pic below (picture 12)
*05 JEDDS 7792 is the lone cock in the breeder pics below (picture 9)

My Race Loft

My racing loft below...

It is 6' x 18' and you can race from both sides. I like to separate the sexes during YB's and fly cocks from the front and the hens from the back loft.

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Breeding Season

We added some new blood to the breeding loft from Greg McKnight, Fraidoon Ali (Orange County Flyer Club), A full brother to *"Lucky Strike's" mother, Van Hove cock bred by Bill Martin who is a grandson to "Blue Pearl" & "Blue Passion", Van Hove hens down from Bill Martin via Larry Campeau (LDC Lofts), and 2 birds from Hafeez Khan inbred to his "Blue Fox" Tournier pigeons. *03-RAC-270

In a different post, I will have some pictures and pedigrees to put up. So far, I have PMV'd all the breeders and I am waiting on the Khan birds to arrive before I begin the breeding medication routine.

I took some pictures today of the breeders, enjoy...