Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Breeding Season

We added some new blood to the breeding loft from Greg McKnight, Fraidoon Ali (Orange County Flyer Club), A full brother to *"Lucky Strike's" mother, Van Hove cock bred by Bill Martin who is a grandson to "Blue Pearl" & "Blue Passion", Van Hove hens down from Bill Martin via Larry Campeau (LDC Lofts), and 2 birds from Hafeez Khan inbred to his "Blue Fox" Tournier pigeons. *03-RAC-270

In a different post, I will have some pictures and pedigrees to put up. So far, I have PMV'd all the breeders and I am waiting on the Khan birds to arrive before I begin the breeding medication routine.

I took some pictures today of the breeders, enjoy...


  1. They look ready to do their jobs! Hope you have a great year this year!

  2. I fly with the United Pigeon Club. A newer club with a lot of young flyers well "25 yrs of age average" Nice to have some pigeon flyers here! It was easier to make a blog/website than a real one so I made one. Yea it's freakin cold, pour water in a milk jig it'll freeze on contact! Was -20 this morning. Lotta guys banded a lot of birds already though so.....doesn't affect them much. I've been keeping nabs on ur pigeons actually almost contacted u to buy before:) anyways ill let ya go here.